petnica science center

Petnica Science Center is a multi-functional institution established in 1982, and mainly oriented towards the seminars for high-school students interested in science (chemistry, biology, archaeology, anthropology, psychology, geology, etc.). It is located in the countryside, and has a campus with all the necessary infrastructure for the purpose of conferences. That includes separate buildings with lecture rooms and conference room, laboratories, library, restaurant and café, small shop, dormitory, big courtyard and parking space. Wi-fi is also available throughout the center.

The conference room (equipped with beamer, projection screen,  wi-fi, sound systems…), and the poster sessions hall are just one floor apart.

For those of us who like to leave the finalisation of the presentation for the last minute – Petnica is equipped with a room of 30 PC’s on a Linux operating systems, which are available for use 24/7, as well as a library for work in silance.